Kotak KEAT Pro X Review: KEAT Pro X by Kotak, is high-speed online stock trading software to make your trading experience vivid and alive. You can buy and sell securities in real-time using this trading terminal. Track the market action live and monitor your investment portfolio at your convenience.

In this article, we will quickly review the Kotak KEAT Pro X, will see its key features, the process to set-up, and benefits.

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About Kotak KEAT Pro X

Kotak Keat Pro Review

Kotak KEAT Pro X is free, fast, and installable trading software. This trading terminal allows traders to invest in equities, derivatives, and currency, etc., in NSE and BSE from their desktops and laptops. The trading tool is known among traders for its speed and ease of use. It offers many features to traders to facilitate quick and easy trading.

As a part of the well known financial service provider, the Kotak Mahindra Group, Kotak Securities along with its group offer various multi-asset class investment and trading product and services, distribution services, insurance products, investment banking and a lot more to their wide range of clients spread across India as well as the globe.

Kotak KEAT Pro X Review – Key Features

Few main features of Kotak KEAT Pro are-

  • Live-streaming of stock market data
  • High-speed stock market trading
  • Well-researched stock recommendations
  • Stock price charting tools
  • Complete control of your portfolio
  • Up-to-date account information
  • Customizable watchlists
  • Free for all our clients


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You can see the demo of KEAT Pro X here –

Steps to Setup Kotak KEAT Pro X

KEAT Pro X could be a game-changer for your trades. Follow these easy steps to begin your KEAT Pro X experience:

  • Login to your trading account on www.kotaksecurities.com with your User Id, Password, and Security Key/Access Code.
  • Click on the ‘Trading Tools’ tab and select ‘KEAT Pro X’.
  • Now click on the ‘Download’ button to install it on your laptop/desktop.


Kotak KEAT Pro X Review – Benefits

  • Our multi-functional online stock trading software comes completely free with your Kotak Securities Trading Account.
  • Execute all your trades in equities, derivatives, and currencies in the Indian markets on a single platform.
  • Our online stock trading software allows you to create watchlists with any combination of stocks, sectors, and stock market indices of your choice. You can even customize the user interface to your liking.
  • With KEAT Pro X, you can keep a complete tab on all your trading activities – from viewing order confirmations and trade executions to monitoring your gains and losses, and much more.

Closing Thoughts

It is worth saying that the Kotak KEAT Pro X has made the whole trading task lot easier and flexible. In, fact, traders have been able to communicate easily with the Kotak Securities App.

We hope you found the Kotak KEAT Pro X review article helpful. You may read the detailed Kotak Securities review article to get more insights.

Do let us know in the comment section if you are using it for your trading purposes or any other trading platform for the matter. Open a FREE Demat account with Kotak Securities. Happy trading!