Wisdom Capital Brokerage Plans & Charges: Wisdom Capital offers 3 brokerage plans suitable for various traders in the market, namely – Freedom Plan, Pro Plan, and Ultimate Plan. The Zero Brokerage Freedom Plan allows traders unlimited trade access on the online platform with no minimum fee.

The other plans – Pro and Ultimate plans are add-on plans which allow the most seasoned traders to access the highest margins and competitive tools required for trading stocks and commodities.

In this article, we will discuss the offerings of the Wisdom Capital Brokerage plans and will review them so that they will help you to decide to opt for them or not. Check Wisdom Capital website.

Wisdom Capital Brokerage Plans

Wisdom Capital, being one of the top discount brokers in India, offers the best online and offline trading plans in stocks, futures & options, and currency on both NSE and BSE. Additionally, Wisdom Capital offers commodity trading on MCX and NCDEX.

Let’s see what are the brokerage charges each of the three plan have –

Brokerage PlansFreedom PlanPro PlanUltimate Plan
Account OpeningFreeFreeFree
Brokerage in NSE EquitiesZERO (0.00%)0.005% Intraday &
0.007% Intraday &
Brokerage in NSE FutureZERO (0.00%)Rs 9/TradeFuture:0.005%
Brokerage in OptionsZERO (0.00%)Rs 9/TradeOptions: Rs. 15/Lot
Brokerage in MCXZERO (0.00%)Rs 9/Trade0.005% Intraday & Delivery
Intraday Margin in NSE CashUp to 5X MISUp to 32 X MISUp to 60 X MIS
Intraday Margin in NSE Futures (MIS)1XUp to 4XUp to 15X
Intraday Margin in NSE Futures (BO/CO)1xUp to 10XUp to 15X
Intraday Exposure in NSE Options1X1X Buy & Up to 4X Sell.1X Buy & Up to 15X Sell.
Intraday Leverage in MCX (MIS)1X6XUp to 8X
Intraday Leverage in MCX (BO/CO)1xUp to 6XUp to 12X
Delivery Margin in NSE Cash (BTST)1XUp to 2XUp to 4X
Call & Trade ChargesRs 20/Executed OrderRs 20/Executed OrderRs 20/Executed Order
Free Wisdom Capital Demat account OpeningYesYesYes
Demat Maintenance CostLifetime 999+ TaxesLifetime 999+ TaxesLifetime 999+ Taxes
Trading Software NestNSE NOWFreeFree

Now we will look into margin or exposure Wisdom Capital provides –

SegmentWisdom Capital Margin
Equity Delivery5x to 40x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Equity Intraday5x to 40x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Equity Future5x to 20x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Equity Options5x to 40x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Currency Future4x to 15x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Currency Options4x to 15x (dependent on brokerage plan)
Commodity Future5x to 20x (dependent on brokerage plan)

1. Wisdom Capital Freedom Plan

Lifetime Freedom Plan of Wisdom Capital is an immensely successful flagship solution launched under Zero Brokerage Trading Plan is the initial of its type introduced in India for active traders. The Lifetime Freedom Plan offers free activation for lifetime unlimited trading in every segment at each exchange viz., NSE, BSE, MCX, or NCDEX.

Wisdom Capital’s investment and trading solution, ‘Free Trade & Investment Zone’, is the best online trading solution whereby a trader can trade unlimited without worrying about any upfront or hidden charges.

Benefits of Wisdom Capital Zero Brokerage Trading Plan

The exceptional benefits of Zero Brokerage Trading Plans with Wisdom Capital follows as:-

  • With Zero Brokerage Trading plans, a trader is not bothered about the size/lot of the buy and sell orders.
  • The break-even point is lower with this plan because the expenses are lowered; A direct result is a boost in the profitability of the trade.
  • No hidden fees at all since transparency is the name of the game.
  • A trader can freely trade on all major exchanges in India.
  • Easy account opening procedures.
  • Instant fund transfers and seamless to and fro process.

2. Wisdom Capital Pro Plan

Apart from the freedom plan for the basic traders, Wisdom Capital’s professional plans are designed for experienced traders who trade frequently and regularly and can optimally use the trading facilitates offered by Wisdom Capital.

Wisdom Capital: Pro Plan at a Glance
ExchangeSegmentsWisdom Pro/Wisdom
Trade/ NEST Trader
Brokerage ChargesLive Data Feed*Alpha Trading System#
NSEFuturesFree₹ 9/TradeFreeFree
NSEOptionsFree₹ 9/TradeFreeFree
NSECurrenciesFree₹ 9/TradeFreeFree
NSECashFree0.01% Intraday
0.01% Delivery
MCXCommoditiesFree₹ 9/TradeFreeFree
Benefits of Wisdom Capital Brokerage Pro Trading Plan

The exceptional benefits of Pro Brokerage Trading Plans with Wisdom Capital follows as:-

  • Lowest Brokerage & Breakeven in the NSE/BSE/MCX: Up to 20X Leverages.
  • The Highest Intra-day Exposure in the Industry.
  • Single Trading Terminal NEST with Advanced Features.

3. Wisdom Capital Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan is specially designed for High Networth Individual (HNI) clients. Ultimate Plan offers maximum leverage benefits to our premium clients – The plan not only offers high leverage but also provides priority support for easy and convenient trading without any hassle.

Wisdom Capital Ultimate Plan at a Glance
ExchangeSegmentsWisdom Pro/Wisdom
Trade/ NEST Trader
Brokerage ChargesLive Data Feed*Alpha Trading System#
NSEOptionsFree₹ 15/LotFreeFree
NSECashFree0.02% Intraday
0.02% Delivery

Closing Thoughts

All three Wisdom Capital brokerage plans are designed to reduce the brokerage charges and also get money instantly in the bank account when selling shares. These plans also offer exclusive research to members.

We hope you have found the Wisdom Capital Brokerage Plans article helpful and get to know the offerings of all plans. Read the detailed article of Wisdom Capital review to get more insights into the brokerage firm. Do let us know your views in the comment section below.