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What is Survivorship Bias in Stock Market

What is Survivorship Bias in Stock Market?

Understanding Survivorship Bias: When it comes to investing and trading there are a lot of mathematical, statistical and psychological aspects involved. A balanced understanding of these would help an individual further strive in the world of investing and trading. Today we take a look at an important concept which is often overlooked known as Survivorship […]

Why Investing in Stocks is NOT Gambling Myth Simplified cover

Why Investing in Stocks is NOT Gambling? Myth Simplified!

Myth Solved – Why Investing in Stocks is NOT Gambling: How many times have you been discouraged from investing by being told that it is just another name for “Gambling”? For some of us if we had a dollar every time we heard that we’d have to classify it as a source of income. In […]

Qualitative Analysis of stocks basics

What is Qualitative Analysis of Stocks? And How to Perform it?

A Guide to Qualitative Analysis of Stocks for Beginners: When you think about analyzing a strong company, the first picture that comes to your mind is most probably about an individual with high aptitude locking himself in and crushing numbers all day long. Moreover, the numbers like Total Revenue, Operating, Profitability, Margin  Net Profit, etc […]

11 Most Frequently Used Trading Animals in the Share Market

11 Most Frequently Used Trading Animals in the Share Market.

List of Most Frequently Used Trading Animals in the Share Market (Bull, Bear, Stags, Wolves & More): Have you watched the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort? If yes, then have you wondered why he has been referred to as a wolf in the movie? What’s an animal doing […]

Cognitive vs Emotional Biases – Investing Psychology!

Understanding Cognitive vs Emotional Biases: Every day of our lives is filled with decisions we take, some may be important and some are effortless as a result of habit. Unfortunately, these decisions are influenced by the observations we make, the experiences we’ve had, how we’ve been conditioned to reach, etc. Even when we are grocery […]

what is hindsight bias and how to avoid

What is Hindsight Bias? And How you can avoid it?

Hindsight Bias Definition and Explanation: How many times have you caught yourself or others throwing around the term “I knew it would happen” or ” I told you so” after an event has occurred? This could be post cricked matches or when the villain is finally revealed in a movie or even in the investment […]

what is opportunity cost and how it is useful in investing

What is Opportunity Cost? And how it is used in Investing?

Understanding Opportunity cost and its usefulness in investing: What factors do you consider before you take any decision that involves money? These factors could include affordability, returns, usefulness, pros, and cons, etc. But have you ever considered that simply not choosing an option too has a cost associated with it? Today we take up an […]

what is Coat Tail Investing meaning

What is Coat Tail Investing?

A Guide to Coat Tail Investing Strategy: If you had invested Rs. 1000 in Berkshire Hathaway, in 1970 it would have grown Rs 48.6 lakh by 2014. Stunning isn’t it! How many times have you been hit with stats like this? Always leaving you wishing that you knew what Warren Buffet or your investing hero […]

5 Common Behavioral Biases That Every Investor Should Know cover

5 Common Behavioral Biases That Every Investor Should Know

Common Behavioral Biases For Investor: Ever heard of Tech gender problem? It is a situation where the employer favors male candidates over female thinking women are no good at tech because they are women. Even one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon, faced this bias. (Read more here: Amazon’s machine-learning specialists uncovered a […]