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11 Most Frequently Used Trading Animals in the Share Market

List of Most Frequently Used Trading Animals in the Share Market (Bull, Bear, Stags, Wolves & More): Have you watched the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street” starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort? If yes, then have you wondered why he has been referred to as a wolf in the movie? What’s an animal doing […]

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The Stock Market Cycle: 4 Stages That Every Trader Should Know!

Stock Market Cycle: From the changing seasons to the different stages of our lives, cycles exist all around us. These cycles are often influenced by numerous factors at each stage. Likewise, cycles also affect the movements of stocks in the market. Understanding how these movements work can help a trader identify new trading opportunities and […]

Best Tips for Long Term Investing - Cover Image

Best Tips For Long-Term Investing – 10 Key Steps To Make Money

Best Tips for Long-Term Investing: The stock market is filled with uncertainty, however, certain tried and tested principles can help investors to boost their chances for long-term success. Long-term investing is a strategy where investors hold on to their investments for a long period of time, usually five years or more. It comes with benefits […]

What is Confirmation Bias? – Get Rid of it for Good!

What is Confirmation Bias: “People only listen what they like to listen” is a generic statement that has deep-rooted psychological meanings. If you consider psychology and investment, both go hand in hand. Since the two are closely related, you would know that one changes (or alters) the effects of the other. One such psychological phenomenon […]

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What is Loss Aversion – How it Can Ruin Your Investments?

What is Loss Aversion: If we ask you to play a coin toss game with us where you’ll get Rs 1,000 if you win, however, you’ll have to give us Rs 1,000 if you lose, will you play the game? It’s a fair game. Right? You have an equal chance to win Rs 1,000. However, […]

Effects of FII's and DII on Stock Markets in India - Cover Image

Effects of FII and DII on Stock Markets in India

We frequently hear various news of Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs selling shares in some companies or the names of Indian companies like Motilal Oswal coming up in the bulk purchase data for some stocks. Usually whenever there is any selling by these funds & companies the stock price drops sharply and vice versa. Such examples […]

How to Avoid Herd Mentality? – The First Golden Rule of Investing

Herd mentality is a very common investing psychology seen in most investments done by the people. Here, a majority of past investment done by the mass constitutes refined data to show inferences. An investor’s natural instinct goes with the ones of masses, which means that he/she doesn’t seem to have a rational view on a […]

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What is Gambler’s Fallacy? [Investing Psychology]

What is Gambler’s Fallacy: Statistics are always surrounded by two kinds of events – dependent and independent events. While the dependent event’s calculations are governed by different approaches such as the Naïve Bayes theorem and full joint distribution tables, the calculations involving independent events are quite easy to follow. New technology and data mining techniques […]

What is Buyer's Remorse? - Cover image

What is Buyer’s Remorse? And how to deal with it?

What is Buyer’s Remorse: Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes that you’ve been planning to buy for a while, but started regretting the purchase as soon as you arrive home? Maybe it was the best deal in the last three months, and you got a discount of over 30% on the original […]