It’s been over four years since Trade Brains was founded to educate and help investors with Stock Market Analysis. My name is Kritesh Abhishek, and I’m the founder of Trade Brains. 

In the stretched span of these four years, we at Trade Brains, have published thousands of financial education articles, launched our popular stock analytics platform “Trade Brains Portal”, offered stock market learning apps, daily market news, and much more to our readers so that they can take confident steps in the world of investing. Our team also grew from one to over thirty.


However, somewhere in between, we were missing out on financial education. Though our blogs were making a notable impact and helping people to invest smartly, nonetheless, they didn’t offer the complete solution. We had limited resources and needed a systematic approach if we have to completely curb financial illiteracy. 

Enter FinGrad, our newest initiative to revolutionize the financial education system in India. 

In the last six months, I and my team have been working hard on FinGrad to provide a step-by-step financial education platform to all our users. Here’s a quick sneak peek 😉


Now that the product is ready, I would like to take a little time of yours to introduce FinGrad and explain how it can help you to become financially strong.

What is FinGrad?

While the Rich Kids are taught about Investing, Entrepreneurship, Risk-taking, Business, and more, the middle and poor class are taught only about government jobs🤣, savings & security!

Although the scenarios will be different for the Rich and Poor, yet financial education should be a little similar so that everyone gets the alike opportunity/exposure.

Financial Education needs to be made EQUAL for everyone.

At FinGrad, we are determined to revolutionize the century-old financial education system in India and cultivate financial knowledge for everyone ‘equally’ for those who thrive to get into the world of trading, investing, and personal finance.

Fingrad is our newest financial education learning platform that provides a one-stop platform to learn all the financial instruments through exclusive courses and webinars, explicitly curated by our experienced team. Here, we have partnered with top financial experts and educators to bring you high-quality content, all in one place. 

Let me highlight a few of the top benefits of FinGrad:

  • One-Stop platform to learn Trading, Investing, Insurance, Personal finance, and more with+35 Courses &+25 Instructors as of launch.
  • Top Financial Experts and Educators teaching financial concepts.
  • Multiple Languages (English, Hindi & More) for ease of understanding and to cater to different backgrounds & diversities
  • Course-End assessments to test your learning
  • Certification for the Courses to reward your learning after successfully completing the course.
  • Additional Resources like PDFs, Spreadsheets, etc along with courses and webinars.

Our courses and webinars are comprehensively built, yet keeping in mind the needs and requirements of beginners as well as advanced investors, as well as easy to understanding format.

Fingrad’s goal is to cultivate financial knowledge for everyone who thrives to get into the world of trading and investing. Our ultimate mission is to empower financial literacy in India so that people can invest better and make smarter financial decisions.

What’s Next?

We are just getting started at FinGrad and there are over dozens of more courses and webinars in our pipeline that will be live on our website within the next two months.

We have been continuously partnering with more and more financial experts to cover all the other financial topics that investing population needs to know. We have planned to offer over 250 courses and webinars to become a complete financial learning platform by the end of this year.

In our crusade against financial illiteracy, we at FinGrad, expect to achieve more than 10 Million new learners within the next 3 years to contribute toward Indians becoming financially educated.

Spoiler alert, we are also working on our FinGrad mobile app, whose release date will be announced soon.

Fig: FinGrad Team

What’s in it for you?

As a learner, this is an amazing opportunity for you to get started with financial learning and master all your favorite topics on one platform, and that too taught by financial experts.

And guess what, we have kept all our courses and webinars FREE for a limited time period. Therefore, do not miss out and join now.

To know more about our courses and webinars, check out

Further, we’ll be continuously working to make this platform bigger and better. And your feedback will be immensely appreciated. If you have any suggestions or messages, feel free to reach me directly on Twitter here. 

Have a Great Learning. #RevolutionBegins