Treelife Consulting was Founded by Garima Mitra and Jitesh Agarwal in the year 2015 with the aim of providing financial and legal consulting for all kinds of businesses.

When were you founded & What is the product/service you provide?

Treelife Consulting services was founded in 2015. Treelife Consulting provides all legal and financial consultancy services to its customers. Treelife Consulting gives holistic and quality solutions to the legal and finance department, which is the imperative need to build the backbone of the start-up ecosystem today.


What is the Company’s long and short-term vision? Where do you see your industry going in the next five years?

In terms of long-term vision: Treelife Consulting was formed to empower new age businesses and entrepreneurs in their journey by providing them with cutting-edge legal and financial services in the start-up ecosystem.

Short Term Vision: In the coming five years Treelife consulting is set to empower and help build 1000+ businesses representing a value of USD 10 Billion. As their short-term goal.

Following five years: In the next five years, Treelife Consulting would like to become an expert consulting agency for building a more robust start-up ecosystem in terms of financial, legal, and compliance. Treelife consulting is set to empower and help build 1000+ businesses representing a value of USD 10 Billion.


How did you get Inspiration for the Company? How did you go about researching and validating the idea?

The Inspiration behind opening a company like Treelife Consulting was to provide quality services in the industry and serve clients with services like legal, financial, and compliance under one roof. At treelife consulting, our USP is to provide the best of the industry services in terms of financial, legal, and compliance.

Hence, we have always strived to be the best and try to get every expert’s data and information on our platter before brainstorming on an idea and going through an industry analysis while validating the concept.

Is the company funded? If not, then are you open to financing?

No, the Company is not funded, and neither Treelife Consulting is open to any kind of funding.

How does the product work & What problems does it solve?

As an entrepreneur, one’s primary focus is the product/ service being offered and scaling the same, resulting in a lack of attention to legal, and financial aspects of the business considering they don’t directly contribute to the Company’s growth. However, legal and finance are crucial for any business to run effectively and scale.

Treelife Consulting seeks to pick up this essential operation of any business and act as stakeholders for these functions so that the entrepreneur can focus on their offerings rather than the back-end integrities.

Treelife Consulting’s service lines are primarily legal, compliance, accounting, taxation, and corporate finance. These include vanilla services like legal drafting, vetting, negotiation of all documents, bookkeeping, filing taxes, and tax structuring to niche services like a virtual CFO, counsels for businesses, and fundraising activities. Our multidisciplinary team gives us give cutting-edge and holistic solutions.

Treelife Consulting has an expert team of Legal and Financial professionals who helps their clients. To assist them with financial and legal compliance from start to end. We are entitled to help companies primarily in the start-up ecosystem with their Fundraising Procedure.

Treelife Consulting also assists companies with financial services while the companies are growing or scaling as an outsource service agency. Treelife consulting helps with legal, finance, and compliance in acquiring and acquiring a company. These services are designed to help their customer get apt solutions for the smoother financial functioning of their business. 

What are your USP and innovation? How are you different from others?

The USP of Treelife Consulting is to be able to provide the most quality services to its customers. We ensure this through continuous research and brainstorming. We as a firm are providing legal, financial, and compliance services all under one roof with our expert team. That is the major USP that we hold.

Treelife consulting is purely catering to the start-up ecosystem in India. While doing so, we are ensuring a more significant growth of the start-up ecosystem in India.

What are some of your competitors & what advantages do you have over them? & Briefly explain your revenue model?

Treelife Consulting as a company has always looked forward to healthy competition as a form of motivation to grow better. Hence, we do not consider anyone, particularly our competitors. Of course, all the legal, compliance, and financial consulting firms are models which we look forward to finding something to learn from.

What difficulties did you encounter when you started the Company & were you impacted by the Covid outbreak?

The founders of Treelife consulting have brought a journey along with them, full of expertise, knowledge, and industry experience. Hence, not much difficulty was encountered, which could not be handled under crisis management.  While other businesses might have suffered, Treelife consulting didn’t have any negative impact from the pandemic on it.

As many start-ups came into the picture during the pandemic, Treelife consulting also grew along with the ecosystem, as right after the pandemic, we are double in terms of the number of employees, from 15 to 30 plus. Also, Treelife Consulting has been able to open its new office outlets in Delhi and Bangalore. Thus, not much impact was there during COVID on the firm.

What are your plans & launches?

Firstly, to build a brand that stands for pioneering, trustworthy advice in legal and finance for the start-up ecosystem. Be the industry leader for impactful multidisciplinary practice with a niche focus on start-ups. 

Treelife Consulting is planning to cater to the start-up ecosystem in the next five years Treelife consulting is set to empower and help build   1000+ businesses representing a value of USD 10 Billion. To achieve this goal, we have opened new offices in Bangalore and Delhi.

In terms of human resources, we have doubled our number of employees in recent time. We are looking forward to building a strong and long-lasting team. To be ready to achieve the highest expectations set for us. 

As the start-up ecosystem is here to stay with evolutionary tech-friendly ideas. We are set with our new positions and professional team. We are launching a whole new experience of the best professional services in the industry.

Current company size, work culture, Hiring Funda?

Currently, the Company is headquartered in Mumbai, with 30 plus employees. With that, Treelife Consulting has also opened offices in cities like Delhi and Bangalore. We have been expanding with our clients and quality services. 

The work culture is professional yet flexible; for us, quality is more important than quantity. At Treelife Consulting, we always motivated our employees to be more focused and deliver quality-prone work.

The hiring is purely talent-based, per the skill sets and qualifications required for temporary and permanent employees.

How did you launch your Company when you had just 0 users? Which channels/ tools/strategies worked the most for acquiring the first 100 users?

While Treelife Consulting, founders were clear to put off a regular job and enter the world of entrepreneurship, having a world-class finance, legal and compliance firm was always the plan.

With nothing and no one to support, the founders of Treelife Consulting started their journey right after leaving the job, gathered many friends, and created a firm with the motive to provide the best of the market standards in terms of legal, financial, and compliance services.

Early big break: Treelife Consulting has represented, Rentomojo, a startup, raising 2 Mn dollars from Global VCs on all fronts.

Maharashtra State Innovation Society (government impact) – tied up with a state body to give inputs on the startup policy and implementation of the procedure throughout Maharashtra.

Hiring an effective team: in a services business, having effective and efficient human capital is a crucial consideration, lesser heads churning out more work.

WhitehatJr deal: working with them from laying the Company’s foundation to assisting in one of the fastest exits across the globe for 300 Mn dollars for a path-breaking experience.

Client Relationships: we often say that we are in a ‘relationship business’ within our organization. We have had client attritions lower than 5%, and clients grow 20% every year, which keeps widening the base of the pyramid.

A piece of advice for the readers

Garima Mitra, Co-Founder, Treelife Consulting, shared her thoughts on her experience with the pandemic.

She Opined, “As I was able to survive the two years of the pandemic, this should be recalled as a blessing. The first year was the survival phase and in the second year, the pandemic made us all bounce back against all odds.

Based on my journey before, through, and after the pandemic as an entrepreneur.

I recommend the 3G formula, as the basic principle to be followed: Grit, Grace, and Gratitude.  Grit to hold on and have the determination to move forward.

Grace to do so with as much flexibility and control at the same time. Gratitude to be able to recognise all the privileges that we get and everything that’s available. Without these 3Gs, I reckon, glory is hard to come, which is the ultimate 4th G of most of our lives.